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Eiffel Tower: A deep-sea underwater dataset for long-term visual localization

Images from four visits to the same hydrothermal vent edifice over the course of five years. Camera poses and a common geometry of the scene were estimated using navigation data and Structure-from-Motion. This serves as a reference when evaluating visual localization techniques. An analysis of the data provides insights about the major changes observed throughout the years.

Clémentin Boittiaux, Claire Dune, Maxime Ferrera, Aurélien Arnaubec, Ricard Marxer, Marjolaine Matabos, Loic Van Audenhaege, Vincent Hugel

The International Journal of Robotics Research

The data is made publicly available at

Homography-Based Loss Function for Camera Pose Regression

A novel loss function which is based on a multiplane homography integration. This new function does not require prior initialization and only depends on physically interpretable hyperparameters. It minimizes best the mean square reprojection error during training when compared with existing loss functions.

Clémentin Boittiaux, Ricard Marxer, Claire Dune, Aurélien Arnaubec, Vincent Hugel

IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters

The code is made publicly available at

A corpus of audio-visual Lombard speech with frontal and profile views

A bi-view audiovisual Lombard speech corpus which can be used to support joint computational-behavioral studies in speech perception.

Najwa Alghamdi, Steve Maddock, Ricard Marxer, Jon Barker, Guy J. Brown

Journal of the Acoustical Society of America

Corpus available at The Audio-visual Lombard Grid Speech Corpus website

The impact of the Lombard effect on audio and visual speech recognition systems

Analysis of audio and visual Lombard speech using new 54 speaker database. New data on the inter-speaker variability of the Lombard effect. Measurement of the impact of Lombard mismatch in a noise robust speech recognition system. Detailed analysis of plain speech versus Lombard speech performance in well-adapted recognition system. Evidence that visual Lombard speech supports higher recognition performance than visual plain speech.

Ricard Marxer, Jon Barker, Najwa Alghamdi, Steve Maddock

Speech Communication


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