Welcome to the DYNI group

We are research group of the Laboratoire d’Informatique et Systemes (LIS) - UMR 7020 CNRS hosted at the Université de Toulon (UTLN), France. Our aim is develop and innovate in methods of machine learning, signal processing and data analysis in order to improve our knowledge and understanding in physical, natural and human sciences.

DYNI’s research in artificial intelligence and representation learning aims to cover the data processing and transmission chain from sensors to users, applied to domains such as bioacoustics, speech and hearing, multimodal information analysis in physics, health and cognition (see Research).

We are located at Université de Toulon (UTLN) in the south coast of France and door to the Mediterranean sea. We collaborate closely with our colleagues at COSMER and MIO and our neighbors at IFREMER.

We are looking for passionate new PhD students, Postdocs, and Master students to join the team (more info) !


29. Oct 2021

Dyni seminar by Mark Asch on Machine learning for inverse problems

29. Oct 2021

Dyni seminar by Luca Tassara (Akvaplan-niva) on the projet ASGARD and on Ecological founding from passive acoustic data collected from a sea glider in the norwegian sea

26. May 2021

Dyni seminar by Yuki Mitsufuji on his recent work on the localisation, classification and separation of acoustic sources

12. May 2021

Dyni seminar by Coraline Mounier and Noreen Blaukat on The isssue of Chorus and Spleeter

1. April 2021

Dyni seminar by Juliette Philibert on Neural Ordinary Differential Equations and Direct Feedback Alignment

18. Feburary 2021

Dyni seminar by Marie Heffner on the coda of Mauritian sperm whales

26. January 2021

Dyni seminar by Lucas Ondel on Unsupervised Speech Learning

15. January 2021

Dyni seminar by David Reymond on Patent2net

18. December 2019

Dyni seminar by Renata Sousa-Lima on Eavesdropping on humpback whales from Brazill

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